Slat Fencing Online

Slat Fencing Online approached Empyreal Creative to create a website for the emerging DIY slat fencing market. We developed a user-friendly website that facilitated easy shopping and educated customers on DIY projects. Our proprietary Slat Fencing Calculator set us apart from competitors. Slat Fencing Online expanded from Perth to Australia-wide and evolved into FrenchCorp Industries, with whom we continue to collaborate.

  • Created a User-Friendly Website
  • Developed a Proprietary Slat Fencing Calculator
  • Educated Customers on DIY Projects
  • Achieved Market Dominance with Strong Online Presence
  • Expanded from Perth to Australia-Wide Shipping
  • Evolved into FrenchCorp Industries and Continued Collaboration

Batten Fencing Online

Batten Fencing Online, another venture by FrenchCorp Industries, sought Empyreal Creative’s expertise following the success of Slat Fencing Online. The website launched the True Batten system, designed and patented by FrenchCorp. We focused on educating customers about the DIY capabilities and superior quality of the product. Additionally, we developed a proprietary Batten Fencing Calculator for quicker quotes. Batten Fencing Online is now a dominant player in the fencing market, with Australia-wide reach and significant interest in the True Batten system.

  • Launched the True Batten System
  • Educated Customers on DIY Capabilities and Product Superiority
  • Developed a Proprietary Batten Fencing Calculator
  • Achieved Market Dominance in the Fencing Market
  • Expanded to Australia-Wide Reach
  • Generated Significant Interest in the True Batten System

Extrusions Online

Extrusions Online, another venture by FrenchCorp Industries, sought our expertise following the success of our previous collaborations. This website was based on a simple yet impactful idea: providing DIY customers with access to materials typically available only to businesses, and at reasonable prices. Extrusions Online became the middleman, offering a straightforward platform designed for regular people with an emphasis on simplicity.

  • Provided DIY Customers Access to Business-Grade Materials
  • Offered Reasonable Pricing
  • Acted as a Middleman for Materials
  • Emphasised Simplicity and User-Friendly Design
  • Continued Collaboration with FrenchCorp Industries

Exterior Structures

Exterior Structures approached Empyreal Creative with the goal of building an online presence that showcased quality, simplicity, and modernity. We designed their logo, website, and advertising materials. Additionally, we manage their social media and are currently developing an automated ordering and scheduling system for their customers.

  • Designed Logo, Website, and Advertising Materials
  • Showcased Quality, Simplicity, and Modernity
  • Manage Social Media Accounts
  • Developing an Automated Ordering and Scheduling System
  • Enhanced Online Presence and Customer Engagement

Such A Cu-Tea

Such A Cu-Tea approached Empyreal Creative for help in starting their business from scratch. We designed their logo, packaging, social media, and website. From coordinating with packaging suppliers to fulfilment companies, we handled it all. Such A Cu-Tea is now a functioning business with steadily increasing revenue. With more marketing campaigns in the works, we look forward to their future growth.

  • Designed Logo, Packaging, Social Media, and Website
  • Coordinated with Packaging Suppliers and Fulfilment Companies
  • Established a Functioning Business with Increasing Revenue
  • Developed and Implemented Initial Marketing Campaigns
  • Anticipate Future Growth and Success


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